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  • Vertical aluminum oxide flap disc

    Used for grinding and polishing irregularwork piece, much flexible, high utilization ratio.

    Main used for blemish removal, metal, wood, aluminum

  • Diamond flap disc

    Diamond flap disc is made up of two special diamantine abrasive flaps. Good for polishing hard surface, especially for glasswork

  • Non-woven flap disc

    Deburring , edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing after traditional grinding is done with resin fiber or flap disc on Aluminum, steel and titanium inconel.

  • Felt woolen flap disc

    For polishing of inox, aluminum and non-ferrous.

    Main used for precision instruments, medical apparatus and instruments, glasswork, stainless steel,jade and marble.

  • Aluminum Oxide Velcro/PSA Disc

    Velcro disc is made of flannel coated on abrasive paper or cloth backing. It can be punched to circular, triangle, or other special shapes. It is easy to be fixed on hard rubber disc of pneumatic or electric tool.

    PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Discs) are bonded with a high quality pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The adhesive backing provides the user with a quick and easy set-up option.

  • Stearated Aluminum Oxide Velcro/PSA Disc

    Primary coats, painters, polyester, car repair, varnish, wood

  • Yellow Aluminum Oxide Velcro/PSA Disc

    Primary coates, varnish, furniture, car repair and painter, lacquers

  • Silicon Carbide Velcro/PSA Disc

    stone, chipboard, plastic, marble, veneers, non-ferrous, wooden floors.

  • Aluminum Oxide PET Film Backing Disc

    Compared to paper backing, the polyster film backing material creats a more flexible and much smoother abrasive surface.

    It can finish quickly and lasts long because of excellent resistance to clogging.

  • Mesh Sanding Disc

    Dust-free sanding and better working enviroment.

    High efficiency to eliminate the surface of agglomeration

  • Special-shaped Velcro/PSA Disc

    Any sizes & holes are available according to customer's requirement.

  • Sanding Cloth Flap Wheel with Shaft

    Applications requiring maximum benefits of conformability and finishing rate. Provides fine surface finish. Best used for finishing flat surfaces and deburring and cleaning inner diameters and contoured surfaces.

    Blending, finishing and cleaning on inside and outside diameters of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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