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  • Strip Disc Cup Wheel Fiberglass backing

    Designed for more aggressive material removal.
    Cleaning welds, removing corrosion, rust, and scaling.
    Removing paints, varnishes and sealants from difficult to reach surfaces.
    Rapid removal of surface contaminants.

  • Strip disc Flat Wheel with hole

    Strip material is cut in the shape of a disc with a hole in the center to be fitted individually or in pairs on suitable fixing shafts.

    It is more rigid, resistant when used on sharp angled or irregular surfaces and has a faster cut.

  • Strip Disc Roller Wheel

    The strip material is cut in the shape of a disc mounted on a pre-assembled shaft.

    They are particularly suitable for cleaning weld beads without removing any material and without weakening the work piece. These wheels on a pre-assembled shaft don't require any hub and are fitted directly onto suitable toolholders.

    It is used for mechanically cleaning of all types of welding, for rapidly removing scale and oxidation, for stain finishing small surfaces, for removing paints or other clogging materials such as salt, rust, grease, oil and protective waxes.

  • Strip Disc Velcro backing wheel / Clasp Wheel
  • Strip Disc Quick Change Wheel / Button Wheel
  • Strip Flap wheel / Brush Wheel / Interleaf drums

    It is not regular size, all sizes are available according to customer's requirement.